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I can’t believe it’s been seven years.   This place has been a home, and more than a home, to me since 2006. I still remember getting Todd London’s phone call in my friend Abigail’s living room in Austin. Tomorrow, my graduation reading.  Truly a bittersweet event.  LASSO OF TRUTH, with some freaking amazing actors, old friends and new.  Directed by Rebecca Taichman, with whom I have not worked since we were both babies.  Very excited to hear it, and gather so many loved ones into one room.   But oh, leaving this place is gonna be hard…



Lasso of Truth, Perth, Australia

I am currently on a trip to Australia as part of a National New Play Network exchange with Playwriting Australia.  Two Australian playwrights, Declan Greene and Vanessa Bates were sent to the NNPN Showcase back in December, and now Steve Yockey and I are on this amazing trip to Australia, to participate in Playwriting Australia’s National Play Festival.

We flew into Sydney, where we spoke to students at NIDA, the National Institute of Dramatic Art, and did a radio interview for the ABC Radio National program “Books and Arts Daily”.   I am now headed to Perth, where the festival takes place this year.   They are reading my play Lasso of Truth, about the inventor of both Wonder Woman and the lie detector machine, and the two women he lived with: his wife, and the young graduate student who assisted with his lie detector research.  Both women served as inspirations for Wonder Woman.  Yes, true story.

The Love Song of J. Robert Oppenheimer at Bucknell

Lovesong of J. Robert OppenheimerThe Love Song of J. Robert Oppenheimer, directed by Victoria Moyer, will be at the Tustin Studio Theatre at Bucknell University, February 22-25th.

Work Session for Runway 69

at Berkeley Rep Ground Floor!

Runway 69: Book and Lyrics by Carson Kreitzer

Music, Lyrics, and original concept by Erin Kamler

Runway 69 is the story of one of the raunchiest strip clubs in New York, seen through song on the eve of the clean-up that transformed Times Square. Michelle, the new girl, learns the ropes while finding herself increasingly drawn to the volatile, troubled beauty, Josmine. Michelle’s customer, Dave, has secrets of his own: he’s an undercover cop, sent in to shut the place down.

Slither at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery


Chalk Repertory Theatre, Los Angeles, presents Slither by Carson Kreitzer, February 9 – March 4, 2012
“It’s an immersive form of theater…Slither uncovers another way of biting into the forbidden fruit, unveiling the graceful and primal ways women take care of themselves, and each other.”

EDITOR’S PICK  – Kenneth Hughes, Flavorpill

“intriguing plot twists, charismatic performers, and an alchemistic take on theatrical space” “invigorating direction…a highly voyeuristic atmosphere”

Mialka Bonadonna Morano, LAist

Flesh and the Dessert at the Playwrights’ Center

LIMITED RUN! January 19th-28th, all shows at 8pm.

Flesh and the Desert is a kaleidoscopic portrait of Las Vegas. We follow the intertwined stories of three couples: one ghostly, one long-lasting, and one just starting tonight. The Eye in the Sky watches, the mirrorball spins. As long as you’re gambling, the drinks are free. Welcome, Conventioneers.

Flesh and the Desert by Carson Kreitzer

Directed by Ben McGovern

Designed by John Beuche, Annie Cady,
Karin Olson, Anton Jones
Stage Managed by Sarah Bauer

With Gabriele Angieri, Leif Jurgensen,
Maggie Bearmon Pistner, Sara Richardson,
John Reidlinger, Anna Sundberg, Wade Vaughn,
Amanda Whisner


Behind The Eye

Behind the Eye

Behind the Eye by Carson Kreitzer

In the Thompson Shelterhouse Theatre

April 02, 2011 – May 01, 2011

A remarkable new play from playwright Carson Kreitzer about the life of World War II photographer Lee Miller, a woman at the center of some of the most exciting times of the 20th century. From a Vogue model in the ’20s to muse of the Paris Surrealists in the ’30s, she then became an acclaimed war photographer, covering the front lines as well as the London Blitz and the liberation of Paris. Behind the Eye chronicles Miller’s fascinating adventures and her personal struggle of what to do with yourself when you’ve done it all.